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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Ė Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Thanks Myra. I really appreciate.

Iainl140285 >>

I was just wondering - when I go into remote viewing mode, and let the images form on the screen I am always transported right out into space somplace, really quickly.

As soon as you stop thinking in words and you had made a strong command that your consciousness must remain completely empty and without thoughts, the frequency starts to change.

In front of the blackness of the mental screen, images start to appear.

You do not go to those places in this stage, you just tuning to this frequency as receiver with the antenna that tunes in different radio wavelengths.

In fact your pineal gland starts extending its receiving frequency range and your consciousness can perceive higher realities.

If you maintain your concentration and exclude a logical and analytical thinking, more and more pictures will start to appear on your mental screen.

Itís like a watching a movie, but this time the screen is in front your closed eyes.

The more you practice to maintain your consciousness in this frequency, the pictures become more and more clear, more colourful and alive, more and more vital with a sound, and after a while you get a sense that your vision is extending more then your mental screen.

Regarding your question, this time you are close to projecting to that place, and if your are skilled enough you can magnetically pull this picture to you and you can force yourself out through the picture, with intention to penetrate this place in the etheric or astral dimension.

Is there a way I can slow down these images? Or even try and determine where I am viewing?
Yap, no point doing this if you can not control it.

You can slow them with the power of your consciousness. You have to use will, to do this. In the beginning because the consciousness its not use to, it looses those pictures as soon as the concentration break down and you start to analyze them using word thinking.

The mental screen closes immediately; it becomes black again, because the pineal blocks the extended receiving frequency range. In fact the pineal stops producing DMT compound a necessary chemical compound responsible for ESP, as a result of your consciousness switching back to its nominal beta brain patterns (analytical thinking in words).

Now, to try to determine where you remote viewing, you have to pull this off:
While the basic observation process is on, and the pictures come and go in your mental screen, you have to concentrate to a place you want to visit.

Not with words but with using simple visualisation or focus. In fact, Iím talking about awareness inside awareness. It may sounds like difficult to comprehend, but its not, when you get some practice with this, you will perfectly know what Iím talking about.

In basic, while you are observing those images on your mental screen, give command with your consciousness (not with words), or express a clear desire what do you want to see or visit.

For example, you are observing places of your city, you see a motion pictures of building, streets, people walking around, traffic jam, sounds of vehicles, etc, you want to skip this concrete reality, you just want (the desire has to be honest) to observe a lake or some similar landscape, and those images of concrete reality are immediately changed with another motion pictures of beautiful lake or the desired landscape.

Thatís also not so advanced stage. This mental control is still weak. The more practice and time you put into this tuning of the planetary psionic field, your consciousness is getting more and more use to this new frequency and the observation becomes more precise. Very soon on your mental screen the precise desired location will appear.

The more advance level provides tuning to the observation of the exact place of the planetary grid of Earthís Psionic field so precise, that is so attractive to the military, and its has to do a lot with marking the exact coordinates.

Anyway if you get this far, you will discover all this by default. The experience will be your teacher.

If you want to explore deeper, you can penetrate to the astral dimension through some desired image on your mental screen, which in most cases will trigger a kundalini rising accompanied by a strong zooming sound, but this time to move through this new density you will have to your another vehicle Ė known as astral body.

In other word, the Remote Viewing process stops, and you are there on that place completely, in one of your subtle bodies.

What then itís a whole science.

But my point is that you can find out about your self, what is going on, and what has to be done, lot more that you will find out from any medium that exists on Earth. Itís like an internet connection with the Universe. And I can assure you that the things look much different from there...

I hope some of this data will be of some use to you.

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