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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!


Great emotional outbalance when dreaming, can easily change the structure of a dream itself. In most cases, this automatically leads the consciousness of the dreamer to an instant conclusion that he/she is dreaming. When this happens, the person is only a few moments aware of being in the middle of a dream.

During these few moments, one has a chance to take an advantage of the situation and to awake on the astral plane because while dreaming one’s soul is already in his or hers astral body. So, let us see what happens during these few moments while one becomes aware that he or she is dreaming:

-Instant physical awakening (If his or her consciousness is not trained and very weak)

-The dream is continuing as if nothing has happened and the awareness that he or she is dreaming is fading away (If his or her consciousness is not trained and very weak)

-Biolocation of his or her consciousness: A part of his or her consciousness is still in the dream and a part of it returns to the physical body. If one manages to stay awake somewhere in the middle, he/she will become conscious in the astral body that in most cases is very close to his/her physical body. (Fully conscious state that can usually be induced if he or she is trained, but it can happen to him or her naturally because of the momentary strong and vital consciousness)

-Disability of physical moving through which one’s whole body is paralyzed but the consciousness is fully awake: The whole process is followed by a strong zooming sound as a result of the Kundalini energy rising. Although it is a creepy feeling, if the consciousness is not in panic it can easily slip out of the physical body. (Fully conscious state that can usually be induced if he or she is trained, but it can happen to him or her naturally because of the momentary strong and vital consciousness or as a result of some extraordinary circumstances on the astral plane near his or her physical body)

-Instant awakening on an astral plane: Let us suppose that someone is dreaming of falling down from a very high building. In the moment of the falling down, one becomes aware that he or she is dreaming and that in fact he/she is on the astral plane, and cannot be hurt. As soon as that happens, one fully awakes in the astral body, the falling stops and he or she is free to explore the astral plane. (Fully conscious state that can usually be induced if the individual is trained and very rarely happens spontaneously as a result of the instant astral awakening caused by strange circumstances in the dream)

All of the above mentioned states of consciousness can happen to us during our dreaming time. Unfortunately, it is a big question whether our brain is programmed or not to remember such experiences. In fact, the achievement of the astral projection is not so hard, compared to the difficulty of remembering the things we have seen and heard while being conscious on the astral plane.

From one point of view, the memory we bring from the astral world can be compared to the memory of our dreams. The moment we awake physically, we remember the whole or at least the biggest part of the dream, but as minutes go by, the dream starts fading away from our memory until it is completely gone. That is why keeping the diary is so necessary.

Our brain is usually not programmed to keep and archive the data that we bring from the astral plane. When we dream we are already on the astral plane and when we wake up physically, the brain recognizes the experiences we have collected from there, as not important, not real, etc. Classified as unimportant data, the brain erases them from our active memory.

Anyway, right exercises and keeping the diary can help us reprogram our brain to start registering these “out of the body” experiences or at least the events happening to us in our dreams on the same level it does with the experiences that happen to us in the physical reality.

This reprogramming of our brain is very important for a student who practices astral projection, because there are many methods for achieving the astral projection through the control of the dreams. Most of them are based on the programmed awareness about detecting the small anomalies that can be seen in a simple dream. Therefore, I will give you two simple dream control methods I have used so many times and I can freely say that they work almost always.

The first method tracks for some anomalies in your dream. For example: you dream you are walking in your room, but something is not right. The television is upside down, and one of the windows is broken. These anomalies are the main switches that can awake you on the astral plane because as soon as your consciousness detects them it will become clear to you that something is not right and that you are probably dreaming. In that instant, everything will change and some of the states I have mentioned above will happen to you.

So, in those few moments that offer you a chance to awake in the astral world fully conscious, all you have to do is this - say to yourself: “I am (your name), I’m dreaming and I want to awake in the astral plane”.
If you do this, in those few moments of awareness you will awake in your astral body and from there, you will be free to take an astral adventure.
The American shamans have developed the second method, which can awake your dreaming consciousness.

It consists of making some effort to see your own hand while dreaming. When you manage to do that, you will become aware that you are dreaming, and during those few moments in which the astral portal is still open, you will have to put just some small effort to stay in the astral world. Where do you go from there, is your own choice.

Take care,

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