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Default Re: What Will It Take to Defeat the "New World Order"?

Originally Posted by Seashore View Post
Thank you for your civil reply!

The above statement assumes that it is fact that we're changing from "3D" to "4D." I don't assume that.

I am glad you have posted this because I have had the concept of "ascension" on my mind lately and I am looking for information about it. Several months back I started a thread "What Is Ascension?" but I did not resolve the issue for myself back then. And today I am very skeptical about it.

I'm also wondering lately about George Green's Handbook for the New Paradigm series (yes, I have read the whole series), and the information put out by people such as Drunvalo Melchizedek, Gregg Braden, and Jose Arguelles.

I would prefer not to have a debate on these things on this thread. And I respectfully ask that we not have a debate on these things on this thread.
I can recommend this little primer on the shift we are going through. It's a concise explanation by Jim Self, a very enlightened teacher/healer. It's on this page:

And it's the short ebook with a download link on the page that comes up. It says

"Free New E-Book by Jim
"The Shift: What it is -
Why it's happening -
How it is affecting you and
the Mastering of Alchemy"

Many are already in the 4th while remaining here on this earth. And I recently had a major epiphany on what the difference is. It may not mean anything to others, but it was huge for me.

It's basically that the difference is time. 4D exists in the now. 3D adds the idea of Past and future. And all the implications of that!!! Looking at now, but filtering it through the past, and making judgements about whether we want to experience that again, or NEVER again. Time in the 4th colapses to a point. A point containing all possible choices. Probably very specific to my own path, and learning, but hopefully others may get something from it.

On Jim's ebook, you get it by giving your email, and then you are sent a download link. IMO Jim is one of the least intrusive people to have send periodic notices of events or things like that.
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