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Default Re: The heart chakra

This is only a quick reply as i have just rescued another dog and they are not getting on too well at the mo. Waiting for a new home for him. Yes part of what you are saying is correct.
I will explain in short.
Yes we have more than 7 chakra's. The 7 are the main power houses as to say. If you wish to know the other chakra's please look on my profile page and look at the photo albums.

At present if you have not done the aligning process then it is out of line. The 7 should be in a straight line. For every one of these 7 there are 2 more.
If you can imagine, one on the front of your body, one in the middle and one in the back.
Please see my pics for more info, if you still need more info please ask.
Sorry this is short and sweet.I am trying to get through as many messages as possible.

Originally Posted by Ashatav View Post
About the chakras, the other day I read there are more than 7 and they aren't in a straight line, instead more in the front and in the back.

Did you heard of that?

The source are a contactee. The "angels" told him.

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