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Default Re: The heart chakra

Hi, sorry for my blond moment there,,as to say, and before anyone says anything about blonds....I AM ONE, hehe. so easy tigers!!!!
Ok i understand your question.
The heart chakra can be alligned, trust me. Interesting thought though.
If you are following my meditation program i have started the training for the alignment of the chakra's. This starts with session 1 part 3. I would highly recommend starting from the begining though as this is important info for this and future work.
So the answer is YES you can align the heart chakra.

Have you thought this Flash as you put it was to tell you that your heart chakra needs work and aligning? This is what i think you were being told personaly.

Thanks for your message

Originally Posted by ewald View Post
Hi Ama Gi,

what I meant: the earth is tilted 23 degrees, therefor the sunlight hits the earth in an angle. therefor there are seasons. I read that this was done on purpose by the powers in charge. They tilted the earth.

A year ago I had this flash where I realized this could be done also with the heart. If the heart is tilted (23 degrees?) we cannot have true access to the heart chakra, therefor the alingment of the seven chakras is not really possible and enlightment not possbile also.

My question to you: have you eer heard something like this... or was this my imaginatio running wild. Can the heart be tilted and has it a purpose?

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