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Default spending your energy

What do you choose to do with your energy?

This may not be as trivial a question as it might seem.

If you were a great creative being, capable of manufacturing vast amounts of energy, and beings who lost this facility through misuse were trying to highjack your output, how would they go about it?

They might get you creating and donating your energy under false pretenses. A bait and switch. They might label the donation box one thing, while the intended destination is another thing. If they were afraid you might fight them if you were aware of them, they might trick you into believe someone else was them and direct you to fight that someone else, while thinking it's them, while they go about their business.

Many are aware that a primary focus of the change in consciousness underway is the evolving out of duality or polarity. If you had a vested interest in the continuation of duality, like let's say you saw yourself as being in a winning or upper hand position, (Lol. what delicious irony) and so were reluctant to permit the game to change in a way that leveled the playing field, you might try a tactic like we see employed all around us.

For example, "you've got to fight the bad, so you can win for the good (and we'll be kind enough to define good and bad and supply the appropriate labels on your targets). This is a very easy trap to fall into. We want a rebalancing to occur so the good can blossom. It's not hard to be convinced that this would entail beating the bad down so the good emerges. But this is the trap. The trap is: "you emerge from polarity by remaining polarized". "If you want good, you have to fight bad". "You want balance and harmony? then you must fight the negative". "The light will return, when the darkness is extinguished". (super lol on that one, as there is no such thing as dark. Point to some dark. Go ahead. No? didn't think so. Dark is the absense of light. Want some light? turn some on.)

So we should really watch what happens to our attention. Where is it directed, and who's directing it there, and what are they after in doing same such directing?

We've seen this oddball phenomenon on this forum recently of people who would otherwise consider each other to be friends, as their viewpoints and perspectives are only separated on very minor points of little consequence. Yet they act like it's the end of the world on the chess board in front of them.

I'm not saying that's good or bad. That is always a matter of chosen perspective, and is never otherwise. And everything you'd label as bad in consideration, can at the same time be an enormous blessing in the way in which it triggers you to look in a corner you've always just walked by whistling to yourself.

So don't be tricked into being activated to conflict with someone. It's simply a distraction. If you get triggered, then self examine. Don't other examine. Something in the other mirrored an area where you have personal work to do. Do your work, instead of doing battle. Nobody wins a battle. Except maybe the popcorn manufacturer.

Your energy is yours to create and to spend any way you choose. In fact your can create two energies, in opposition. In some circles, this is called a problem. force vs force = stasis. Energy flowing in one direction, meeting equal amounts of energy in the opposite direction, equals no movement in either direction.

And this is the goal of the distractors. No movement. They know that if things don't change, that they win. (Actually the joke is on them, because they lose along with everyone else) So they get people fighting their own demons, by creating mirrors in the environment which show people their inner demons. And that's the only place where demons exist. The ONLY place demons exist. In your own astral body, inside of what you think of as you.

If we don't break this habit of embracing polarity in order to end polarity, we will not land very high, collectively, in this shift in consciousness. If we reach the lower 4th, you'll finally get to meet your demons, because that's where they manifest.

Of course, those of us who are not as easily distracted, and who use triggers as flags for self examination, will not be sharing the lower 4th D home in the future. They'll find the harmony and love of the 5th, having dissolved the tethers to the lower structures. But we're not alone here. We're all playing this game, as a collective, or group of collectives, and we can aim high, not only personally, but collectively as well.

We just have to keep our focus on what we are trying to create, rather than to permit others to direct our attention towards what we think we want to escape.

The choice is ours, and we should start to exercise it more consciously.
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