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As a replay to the first post i would like to describe a circle of is for every individual to see this circle as he/she wishes to

We are told by the official media that "this is how it is"
We are told be the unofficial media that "this is how it is" many lies and half truths that are in the official media might also be in the unofficial media.

No mater the media type...we always have a person telling us a story (his or from the "reliable source").

We have "dogmatic" believes in both type of media...mostly based on telling us what is good and what is bad...Mostly telling us that no matter what there are always two sides and that we should pick one...

We have stuff on the internet...information...and than people do internet "research" deep they can get wit all this "abundance" of information...while all they might be getting is pure ballast.

At the same time we have unofficial media proclaiming all this power to the speculated "high command" of Earth rulers while at the same time there is always an excuse for why this PTB do not just simply put a bullet in their head and call it a night. If one can stage a war, how difficult could be to stage a conspiracy "clean-up"?

We are told we are being mislead by the mainstream media while at the same time the very same thing might be going on with the "underground" media. The evidence to support claims is rarely there, most of the time one should just trust the words, if produced...the evidence is often something like a child can make in paint (3.11 version)

Not to mention the very obvious separation among them....extremely clearly seen in the current" "divorce" of B and K. They are not just separating themselves...they are also separating people....

This is not just that - the trick about conspiracy is that there is always a conspiracy - it is about looking at things and see: what are they telling me....and WHY?

People are saying...turn the TV off...should we also turn off the conspiracy "TV"?

All information...including the current financial stuff (something so "obvious" than anyone can "see" and "understand") comes from a variety of different sources but as you look where this sources get their info you soon find out that the info mainly comes from a few people, entwined (friends) with each other, after which this "sources" add some of their own visions and what you get is an article about how "this" and "that" will happen. So the unofficial media also has its own "Rita Katz".

and for the might not even be that the "rulers" are trying to distract us from my personal opinion the "fact" that we are in it so deep and are misleading ourselves....may not even be far from the truth

and yes there is a loop in this can play with it, twist it, turn it around....and that is exactly what is happening today....

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