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Default Re: The Bible, Our Conclusion. by Norval and Gale

Originally Posted by 100thmonkey View Post
There likely will be a revelation, or arrival, of ET's on Earth sometime, maybe soon, and they may well be from some Galactic Federation or Council or similar. I wouldn't deny that.

However, any claims by them to have the authority of the Creator himself, or by their King to be the Creator incarnate, are no more valid than can be claimed by the rest of us, as either individuals or communities.

We are all the Creator incarnate, we all have freedom and authority over our own minds.

If ET's arrived I'd be the first to want to greet them.
If they start trying to impose their own laws then that's another thing. It would then have to be an invasion and conquest for them to claim any 'authority' greater than the one's already in place over us.

If indeed they start claiming ties to the bible and judaeo-christian mythology for legitimacy in this, then I would see that as a warning sign that these could well be our own NWO types raising a false flag - following the script given in the bible, which they know many are expecting to be fulfilled.

If, on the other hand, they arrived and liberated mankind from it's present domination, bringing enlightenment, etc. I couldn't complain, yet even then it would have to be done tactfully, carefully and through open negotiation rather than military force, as between any peaceloving countries here on Earth (I know, I know...).

So I do agree that this is firstly an Exopolitical situation, which is a whole 'nother level of complexity.
I also believe there is truth to the bible stories, of ET contact, etc, but the bible is not alone, as other cultures and mythologies have just as much to offer in that regard - and the bible itself is a distillation of many of these, albeit twisted by religious/control motives, etc. as you suggest.
Good post. I wonder how the King won the war. War is won by deception and force. History is written by the victors, not by the losers. Oppression is through force and coercion. Who is this mighty Chief Commander i.e. the King?

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