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Default Re: The Bible, Our Conclusion. by Norval and Gale

Originally Posted by Gale View Post
Monkey and warngen, already asked and answered.
...and already responded to - but just because I haven't accepted it doesn't mean I haven't understood it - and I tried to explain why.
I thought that the conversation had progressed, having taken that into account, but I see this isn't really a conversation with you. You're here for your presentation of 'the facts' and no debate will be entered into.

Oh well, if you'd followed my posts you'd see I'm trying to present a bigger picture, in which it's clear that the Creator just wouldn't work that way.

...but since we're repeating past conversation here is one I'll QFT...
Originally Posted by unloadedgunn View Post
I have to chime in here, 100th Monkey, that YOU are more lucid, enlightened, and objective on the issues at hand than the so called, or should I say "self proclaimed" experts. I see someone here in Norval who would have us all believe he has eschewed "religious BS", and yet speaks in the same totalitarian terms as any bible thumper you would ever hope to meet.

It seems he already has his place in the New Galactic Order (or whatever this agenda being ramrodded down all our throats is called) and has no problem with the new version of the same old thing because he himself is an insider. All we need is another "concerned theological educator" to help the PTB along on their goose stepping march of manifest destiny. I am personally saddened that I have not read the word "sovereignty" in this thread once (maybe I missed it).

Seems like we are throwing out the bathwater, and replacing it with koolaid.

The bottom line for me is simple...we all have an internal compass, and inherently know right from wrong...PERIOD. WE DO NOT need a descended alien king in our affairs any more than we need a pedophile priest, a child sacrificing pope, or an adulteress stoning imam. The days of giving over our rightful birthright (or own personal godhood) to others are OVER, spread the word.
Thankyou unloadedgunn. You took the words right out of my
New Galactic Order indeed.
Norval and Gale seem to be obsessed wth judging their 'neighbours', when the only one we really have any true authority or control over is ourself. Anything else is artificial and interventionist.

Norval, I was going to say that although you've taken out the religion from the bible you've left in the very worst parts - the parts that tainted whatever good was in the religious side - the fear and control structure.
- but unloadedgunn beat me to it.
Originally Posted by Norval
The majority of the peoples of the galaxies have
agreed to this governance by a King, ...
How do you know?
Originally Posted by Gale
This research has nothing to do with religion or a cult nor grabbing up anyone in the context you are using. It’s about the survival of the human race in the face of what is coming. It is the culmination of years of research into the sciences, the mythologies, the Bible and other ancient writings.
With the conclusion that we should all willingly submit to our coming conqueror, or die in his vengeance.
Hard to see a difference.

If such a conquest happens then it will be self evident that it is not the Creator's authority being exercised, since he just doesn't do that.

Therefore we are justified in rebelling - and filled with hope in success of that resistance, since the power we resist isn't really that of the infinite creator - it just masquerades as such.

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