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Default Re: Red Letter Church

Red Letter refers to the words of Jesus(or attributed to Jesus) which are printed in red in a red-letter edition of the Bible. It's sort of an oxymoron to refer to a Red Letter Church because Jesus didn't tell people to go to church. In fact, he told them to pray privately. Christ didn't raise money and build great churches in his honor. He taught mostly in nature...but he did teach also in the Jewish temple.

Regarding Messianic Judaism...I attended a Christian/Jewish Sader(spelling?). It was fascinating. Also, I attended a Christian class which was also attended by a close relative of a famous Hollywood director. The Ebionites are an interesting Jewish group who like Jesus...but don't like Paul! I listen to a UFO researcher named Sherry Shriner(not an endorsement) who likes Jesus...but not Paul.

I am a very, very conflicted person regarding religion, spirituality, ufos, aliens, politics, etc. I'm sincere...but easily confused. I currently am down on just about everything in the Bible except for the words of Jesus(or words attributed to Jesus). And there are some trouble spots regarding his words.

The date information was fascinating. I don't get caught up too much in symbology and numbers games. The principles and concepts contained in clear texts are enough to keep me busy. I worry that the Bible can often make things worse when people endlessly argue about this and that...and end up being very un-Christlike.

I guess I long for a secular/spiritual society where people don't go to church...yet are highly ethical and a down to earth and practical manner. I'm very interested in all of the material presented in Avalon and Camelot...yet I'm not really into a lot of the new age stuff. I remember attending a Whole Life Expo...while I was still attending two different Christian churches! I talked to Dr. Timothy Leary about Jesus! What a trip! Someone stood up in the middle of his lecture...and yelled 'Turn or Burn, Tim!! I talked to an actor's son about the possibility of doing a proper Jesus movie...complete with the latest special effects. He just smiled. That was before Mel Gibson gave it a bloody to speak! I saw advantages and disadvantages in the various approaches at the churches and expos. It's a real smorgassboard out there!

At this point I'm almost making a religion out of the U.S. Constitution...because the principle of responsible freedom is central to both the words of Christ and the Constitution. I want to go completely modern...yet not throw out the baby with the bathwater. If things get too complicated...the battle for a better world will be lost. The Constitution is very short and to the point...and inspiration can be breathed into it from a variety of philosophical, theological, and spiritual sources. I want to be as inclusive as possible...yet highly principled. The words of Christ are about setting people free. I often think that Christ was fully aware of the reptilian stuff(or equivalent)...and presented that which was essential for people to be freed from the reptilian theocracy which enslaved(and enslaves?) them.

The painting was very cool! But I just had a chilling thought. Some say that the PTB are planning a staged second coming of Christ. They have very, very advanced holographic technology...and who knows what else? We may really get jerked around in the next few years. Be careful! Sometimes I think that the imagination is the most useful spiritual tool. The painting is imaginary...yet one can gain a lot from meditating or praying while looking at it. I am tending to think that we need to contact the vast spirituality within us...rather than praying to an external god. This is not an arrogant view. This is not self-exaltation...because this is something available to everyone...not just someone who is chosen or special. I think the words of Christ are helpful to get us to this point. If the reps(in spiritual form) are all around us...then when we channel or pray to something outside of ourselves...might we really be contacting reptilian entities? I tend to think it's us vs we may need to be very, very careful in this area. I fear that many religious services...really honor Satan...without the people realizing that this is what they are doing. This is something which is very subtle...but I think Satan is in both the God and the Satanism business. He(she) may have a monopoly on monotheism! Both sides of wars get financed by the same demonic international why is it far-fetched to think that Satan 'finances' both sides...and plays the part of both God and Satan? This may be blasphemous talk to many...but take a very close look at the Old Testament God...and the God of Revelation. Is this a Christ-like God? I think not.

I'm angry that all religions...including not follow the words of Christ. I think there may be a supernatural reason for this. If there are reptilians...and the words of Christ were designed to free us from reptilian imprisonment and enslavement...then the reps would really try to keep everyone away from the teachings of Jesus.

I was going to take a break...yet here I am.

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