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Default Re: Red Letter Church

Quote: I have some of the same issues that you have shared regarding religion, the bible and most definately Pauline scripture. I think Paul was a plant to subvert the teachings of Christ. I do not like his energy nor his teachings that are so judgmental and misogynistic. As for the God of the OT vs. the God presented in the NT, I have some of the same issues.

Response: In the Great Commission...Jesus tells his followers to teach what he taught. Paul...or everyone else in the New Testament...or even most everyone else in 2,000 years of Christian history...failed to do this. The Roman Catholic Church was not based upon the Teachings of Jesus. The Protestant Reformation was not based upon the Teachings of Jesus. Most Christian sermons are not based upon the Teachings of Jesus. Paul is most often the last word regarding Jesus...rather than Jesus being the last word regarding Jesus. The Babylonian, Egyptian, Jewish, Roman, (Reptilian?) Theocracy could not tolerate the Teachings of it made Jesus into a hood ornament...a crucifix nailed to a wall. Paul was an accessory in accomplishing this. In a sense...Jesus was like JFK...they both opposed the Old World Disorder Reptilian Theocracy...and were murdered. If this is an extreme view...and an error...please let me know...and explain why.

I just want to say that I'm guilty of what I am lamenting. Even now...I have a hard time sitting down for an extended period of time...and studying the Teachings of Jesus. If I had been one of the key historical Christians...including a Pope...I probably would have done some of the same things they did. In a previous life...perhaps I did. My intention is not to single out people or is to point out a glaring historical and contemporary problem. I just think the human race has been massively screwed with. I think the human race is still being massively screwed with...and that the so called New World Order is ultimately malevolently non-human. I could be very wrong...but this is what I currently believe. I'm open to reevaluation.

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