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Default Re: Has anyone actually seen a PLEIADIAN

Originally Posted by Northern Boy View Post
Sorry arcora i left out the part where the smurfs were going to explain to the membership over there about astrology and the zodiac about the triple bond and how they were going to trick nature by forcing a bond between the smurfs the members and nature . they didn`t want to many people knowing so they behaved like drunken Frenchmen giving American tourists directions cursing and screaming driving many to leave the forum . when they got down to acceptable numbers smurf school began and the knowledge was given to the loyal following behind closed doors and with the use of the interactive second life software in a created private room. Sort of like Jesus taking the disciples into a cave and teaching them and his message and then not releasing it to the rest of humanity . The smurfs from A/V are supposed to be angels here to fight and judge us my soul has been marked or so I`m told. The New age movement is a touchy issue with the smurfs who believ you have no business even thinking you have creator powers and putting yourself on the same level as god you are supposed to be mindless cattle and the Sirians from the Dog star will force you to get it right this time or face extinction . If you view the trailer from the movie Legion you will get an idea of what the smurfs are supposed to be here for
sorry nb...i have nothing to say to you and cannot help you.
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