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Originally Posted by conkroach View Post
Fear! The single greatest detriment to personal achievment. If you don't mind I going to use some of your words to help my young children with their 'fears'. Imaginary fear prevents real advancement. Such a shame.

I started this thread with the children of the world in mind.

fear isn't natural or real;
it's taught, pushed, and forced upon others to control and manipulate.

no offense to any catholics out there, but I was brought up catholic
and I was taught to fear everything...
most horrifying, I was taught to fear God!

I wish someone would have told me as a child that fear was a choice
and that the choice was mine to make.

could you imagine what a different world we'd be in if they taught us
"choice" in schools? to question everything and make up our own minds?

we can choose fear or we can choose love

things are changing...
it starts with us.

~ choose love ~
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