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Default Re: Anyone in Hungary???

Hi everyone,

It is great to see so many getting together in Hungary. I visited once.... long story. whew!

But Viking are you joking? Leave the UK while you can. The people in Hungary know how to do this stuff. And so do the people in Romania. Up till the wall fell the people in Romania and somewhat Hungary had to learn how to walk around in small groups, not demonstrate, etc.... They traded in the backyards eggs for milk and half a pig in the winter.

I stayed over twice in the Budapest Hotel before we went over the border into Romania, bought some toys in downtown Budapest and ate in a cafe that was in a basement (half above ground) and drank Coke in a wine glass with no ice for 50 cents a glass. We just got two bottles and asked for ice and they just thought we were nuts.

The folks in the UK have never had to deal with what the Hungarians and Romanians have in the since World War II. So, get over there with Vicky!

Anyway Hi Vicky!
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