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Default Re: Canadian Study Links Seasonal Flu Shot to H1N1

Yesterday, I found a publication that stated that the canadian study had been published in an "undisclosed magazine". Thus far no one has published the names of the doctors who created the study. I find the publicity spin "Canadian Problem" to be insulting to the Canadian Medical community. I have not found any other country to have had another study on the H1N1 Vaccine. Thus the "Canadian Problem" may be the ONLY study that had been conducted to show that previous vaccination created double the risk in catching the Swine Flu.

In response, a bone was thrown by WHO indicating that their study on an AIDS Vaccine showed promise in 30% of the study's participants. I love how they suddenly came out with that information. When you look into the AIDS study, I see that the language used to describe the study is inconclusive and diligently skirts any hard evidence to support any hard findings, if indeed there are any at all (reminds me of an election speech).

In conclusion, they are running out of time and the PTB REALLY wants us to take this vaccine. DON'T. They must really be squirming right now. There are SO MANY of us who are not willing to go down this road. We are slipping through their fingers and the PTB are getting very sloppy.

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