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Default Re: The Secrets of the Illuminati and Freemasons and 2012 on DARKNESSRADIO

The Georgia Tombstones,

Something about the "georgia guidstones" gave me the creeps even before I new what was written on them.


All that pretty little verse about the environment is so when the 500 million rich, elite emerge from their secure dungeons.... and after they bulldoze our rotting corpses into mass graves and clean up the cities, they will have the world we and our families built with the sweat of our labor as their playground.

And do you think they will live simply in harmony with nature? HA!

With just 500 million people they won't have to conserve a drop. The are the very people who make billions from war and oil. It will be three Hummers for every garage.

I believe in freedom of speech, but I hope somebody sets a half ton of explosives by those uglyly stones and blows them off the planet.... just as the allies did with that big, concrete Swastika after WW2.

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