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Default Re: fractal layouts for vegetable garden?


That works well. Growing in a spiral fashion can work wonders. To do it properly you have to work out the direction of the opening according to celestial positions. Then as the spiral goes inwards the produce should be changed in accordance to the new position and then you will find if you have down the spiral perfectly, that the plants will be next to complimentary plants which increase the imput flow. You should get you hands on a good luna Callender; This should give you all the info on the celestial stuff and complimentary plants.
Then you can go further by setting up spirals that reflect the seasons, and rest seasons. Sounds complicated but it actual ends up working it out for you. The starting can be a pain in the back side, but once started the rest will follow. I think Rhudolf Syeiner came up with some good growing luna callenders. There is also a Lady in Auroville who was looking into this some years ago. You could get some results there. avyaktam, a member here lives out there. Maybe he can help you. But it is the future or the past of growing.

The north american indians have something about squashes that are from a particular part of the diety that they cut up and burried across the usa. Each squash represents a different part of the body and should be planted facing in different direction to get back to the whole. It's something along those lines, memory a bit weak on that.
Anyway have fun with that.
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