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Question Questions for Athena

Hello Everyone,

In case anyone is reading this and missed the previous post on “Hello from Athena,” here’s the purpose of this new thread:

In order to keep this space clear, uncluttered and time-efficient, this new “Questions” thread is the main place for people to post any NEW or GENERAL questions/ideas/requests for me about things they would like to discuss in creating healthy homes. If we spread out too quickly and don’t stay clear on topics, I simply won’t have time to plough through multiple postings to find peoples questions or ideas, which will frustrate everyone. I will check this particular thread as regularly as I can, and based upon what is posted here, I’ll post specific new threads of information to address the level of interest. All I ask of you in return, is to please post your comments or add helpful information to the appropriate thread. If you don’t see a thread that fits, then post me a question or suggestion here and, if it makes sense, I’ll start a new thread—how does that sound? Hopefully this system will support everyone’s sanity and allow us to get deeply into information and have threads bursting at the seams with solutions!

Very best wishes,
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