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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

The Sirius connection
by Lazaris

in 1994, the Sirius Vortex opened not just cyclically as it always does, and not just a little bit as it has always done. The Vortex of Sirius, the Vortex of the Goddess, opened full and wide. And this event was played out in your heavens, there for all to see if you knew how to read the signs, how to read the celestial compasses.

Within your solar system, the opening of the Sirius Vortex was marked, its space held and its time measured, by the movements of one planet: Pluto.

Now when many of you think of this astrologically you think: "OK, Pluto. It gives out a specific kind of energy. Pluto does this or that. It causes …"

Understand: Your planets are vortexes, too. They are celestial gateways to other dimensions and, potentially, to other worlds. As vortexes, they hold space and time. They hold energy in formation — they hold information that can influence. Planets do not "do." They do not cause. You create your own reality, sometimes by causing and most often by allowing. You "do." You cause. Planets can influence with the energy that flows through them.

The dance of the planets — the movement of the planets in relationship to each other — can reveal the tracings of energy waxing and waning, ebbing and flowing, within your Solar System and in your Universe. In this way, a planet is like a compass. It can point the way to the flow of energy, but it does not cause that flow.

For example, a standard compass has a needle that is responsive to the flow of energy called magnetic north. The needle will always point north. By understanding the dance - by understanding the movement of this needle in relationship to magnetic north - you can find your way. The needle traces the flow of energy called magnetic north. It is not because the needle points in a certain direction that a location suddenly becomes north. The needle did not cause the direction to be north. It is because the direction is already north that the needle pointed in that direction.

The dance or the movements and relationships of the planets are as compass needles pointing in the directions of particular kinds of energy and, in so doing, abstractly tracing — marking and measuring — the flows of that energy.

The dance of Pluto did not cause the opening of the Vortex of Sirius. Pluto's dance pointed, marked, measured, and traced. It heralded a grand event. It heralded an event that had not happened in over 90,000 years. Pluto, compass-like, pointed the way. It held the space and marked the time.

The dance of Pluto: Now Pluto is called the Planet of Death. It is called the Planet of Regeneration. It is also called the Planet of New Birth and of New Life. It does not cause or produce these things; it does not "do" these things. Yet, Pluto does point, mark, measure, and trace the energy that allows such things to more readily happen or to more easily be created. It holds the space and marks the times when the possibilities and the potentials for such energies — the energies of death, regeneration, new birth, and new life — are most present and available.

orbit of Pluto

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Love Always

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