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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Hi everyone,

I'm back with an update and a new contribution, I think this adaptation of my original file intended to use as a pre-meditation focus tool (especially important once we begin working with the new files I am currently preparing), will be a lot more effective than the previous, audio-only version.

It is a greatly slowed version of the audio synchronized to a video that can serve two (or more) equally beneficial purposes. The first is what's "on the surface": a set of 2010 prophecies originally published in the Sedona Journal, and shared on Youtube by

I noticed it would especially serve as the ideal video to accompany the audio when realizing its second potential purpose: once the contents of the prophetic texts are totally integrated, it is quite possible to "look through" the text and gaze at the changing water/colour pattern while listening to the music. I have tried this a few times and how the multimedia works as a pre-meditation focus tool now is absolutely incredible, as far as I can tell.

In 5 minutes I can seemingly go from the end of a "stressful" (relatively speaking of course ) day, to being totally prepared for a meditation. It's also helping prepare myself on the many nights when I continue to work on our new meditation files after work.

As far as I can tell concerning Astralwalker's spinning crop circles, the only thing I can think of regarding non-proponents of the usefulness of them is to try the above with them: try looking "through" them rather than at them. If the music is unsuitable for you, consider learning how to replace the audio for video, or instead just mute the audio and play the audio of your choice on another player. With the right combination, I believe a similar effect as per below is achieved.

You can try out the video yourself at this link:

Now, onto the matters at hand, I can see that there is certainly an incredible wealth of potentially valuable information coming into the Nexus thread at this point. I believe that whichever direction it may lead, this is probably the best overall purpose for this current thread, the "one that started it all".

However, I would like to contribute my utmost efforts towards proposing the means for achieving a communal focus, via a rather "minimalistic" approach, outside the Project Avalon forum.

To this end I am working on a new website that will hopefully serve as a central rallying point for all Nexus meditation participants. I aim to have the site ready to launch around the same time the first new meditation file becomes available. It will mainly serve as a forum, but also as a wiki which I will be looking for others to collaborate on, however I will try to create an initial body of information to set a theme and style to follow.

The main idea here is that we will try and "sculpt" the most succinct yet all-inclusive body of information regarding what might most accurately be considered the "5 year span" (2010-2015), and everything that it entails insofar as spiritual development is concerned.

I believe that following this kind of approach, and trying to mirror the ideals it suggests in the Nexus forum as well, is the singlemost critical key to the project's success. The main way we can do this on the forum is by integrating all the information we would like to contribute into our own words.

The best metaphorical equivalent might be something not unlike a "virtual huddle", and the idea here will be to allow for maximal integration of the "meeting of minds" by paring away all the unnecessary extra detail that is usually what causes people to disagree with one another. The most unfortunate part in these kinds of situations is that the central core, which so, so, so many of us certainly agree on, gets lumped together with all that extra stuff, and so the kind of unity required to reach critical mass remains still out of reach.

Now, back to the video, there is actually one part that I do believe either refers partially to the new direction this project can most definitely take in one of the most probable timelines, or perhaps more accurately something even bigger that the Nexus project can become a "main vein" of by doing the same. See if you can catch it!

Again, the contents of the video serve very well to illustrate the main point I am trying to make here. The contents alternate between conspiracy and spiritual related matters - and the intertwining of topics of conspiracy and spiritual matters is perhaps the single most tricky situation that needs to be solved that we face. You might even go as far as to say that continuous pressure towards the ever-increasing intertwining of the two is the ultimate conspiracy of all!

The solution lies in two parts: the first part is employing a "kamikaze" like approach to matters of conspiracy - dive bomb those matters and then get the heck out of there as soon as you can, if you are lucky enough to survive the process. Try to build a model of the state of affairs as quickly as possible (while still not jumping to premature conclusions), and then, by all means, move on! Let go of energizing those topics because they literally serve as tethers tying our ankles to the ground that prevent us from flying. We all know that you can't simply just not look into these matters at all, curiousity would kill you! You have to find out what you can, make your own conclusions, but certainly now that we are in 2010 the time has come to let go of the negative energy formations that dwelling on these kinds of topics necessarily generate. If you feel like your model of "the picture" remains incomplete, see below:

The second part is to see that "abstraction" is probably the singlemost valuable tool for completing a mental model of the state of affairs as they currently stand. You have to remember that another of the highest, most hidden conspiracies is the one to greatly encourage logical, detailed, technical ways of looking at reality, while discouraging abstract, emotional, fuzzy-logical ways of looking at things instead. This is how we are kept perpetually looking for more clues outside of us as to what's going on via specific, detailed means of media rather than looking within and actually completing the picture by allowing for intuitive forms to "seal the gaps" and provide us with a general *sense* of things. Sense being the keyword, because this is the level that goes beyond specific singular realities and covers entire spreads of multiple future realities all at once.

To put this more clearly, try not to think that trying to find the one specific thing that is most likely to happen next as being the missing part of the puzzle you are looking for, instead contemplate the entire range of multiple possibilities that could all accomplish the same end. This is all we really need! And we can do it without scouring the internet for more information. All we need to do is go within and allow ourselves to contemplate what we already know.

If you have already gotten as far as to be reading this, I am pretty certain that in your case, the rest will take care of itself.

I realize that the manifesto I shared on the forum was rather cryptic, it was made immediately after coming out of a sort of meditation and that information takes time to totally decrypt. I have a tendency to immediately publish information in such cases because it is very much like waking up from a dream in that the full extent of the information seems to quickly fade if one does not commit it immediately. Furthermore, there seems to be a purpose in publishing it instead of just saving it to a file on disk instead, because it really puts the matter "out there", and helps create a very helpful nagging sense to work with the information rather than let it collect cobwebs in some long forgotten folder.

But nevertheless it still remains, in my opinion, the central ambition for the Nexus project. Together we can collectively "burst the bubble" of repression that we have long faced - repressed abilities, repressed possibilities, etc. Not self-repressed of course, if so then certainly to only a minority of a partial extent. I mean, on one hand you can say that "the time is becoming right for it all to happen", but on the other hand you could maybe argue "but this has all happened already anyways, this is all a dream", and the real answer is that both are right at once, of course!

I'll try to rework the information and publish it here so we can get back to discussing the most critical aspects of the project together again.

So, to close, I hope that everything I have written here makes as much sense as I hoped it would. Although as Astralwalker previously suggested, we are indeed arriving at a critical point in time, I believe the catalyst necessary to propel our collective towards the particular future that will involve it having a significant impact on the outcome of things is not as tricky to trigger as it must certainly seem to most of us, myself included.

There is a high bandwidth line that is being lowered down from much higher in the astral realm to us, which we can tap into and speak from a place that is to some degree beyond the "ego", the "individual". Yes it is speaking from our particular "terminal", but in this case we set aside the part of us that has any intention of arguing its beliefs "against" those of others, and instead seeks *company* in finding that common ground where we can all stand together and function, as such, far, far beyond the mere sum of our parts.

Perhaps the last "conspiracy-oriented" comment I will ever make:

That is what they are most afraid of.

If we are able to not only do this, but then go on to mapping that common ground, stretching its borders as far as it will go, and unveiling the *magical* powers that the patterns contained in this sacred circle, all these things we are all continuously getting visions of will no doubt come to be.

If the above is the embodiment of the big "Step One" for the Nexus project, and "bursting the bubble" (which we can only potentially accomplish after successfully achieving Step One) is the big "Step Two", then together they are, as far as I can tell, the full extent of the project, in a nutshell (not that this post is exactly short!)

Beyond that, well, why don't we just leave it at a bunch of ???'s for now, shall we?

Take care everyone, will be back as soon as I can again,

Phied Piper
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