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Default Re: How to 'luminate' the illuminate (how to win)

Originally Posted by Iain View Post
I've been thinking somethings over, and please I'd appreciate your thoughts on this; if the 'illuminati, for want of a better word, are what we believe them to be and more specifically dated and thier roots traced back to Rothchild's private cult circle, 'the golden dawn', could we not, in unison focus our positive intents to interject in that specific 'there and when' as opposed to the 'here and now'. If the possiblity exist for us create/co-create our futures, then by the same token we should also be able to create/co-create our present via our past.
I did run this past a friend of mine, who suggested that the Golden Dawn was an increadibly powerful majical sect, and as such there majical protection would most likely be quite powerful this especially considering it would be allied with the continual inactment of 'fear' rituals by the various factions of the 'illuminati', presumably for the purposes of maintaining the protection of the sect. Be that as it may. But can we not effect some change in our past by using our consciounesses to affect our present? I know that on a personal level this can certainly be done in order to bring healing into the presesnt, so why cannot it be done en mass ? And, dare I say it there are by far many more of us than there are of them : 3120343: unique visitors to project camelots web site? Even Bengamin Fulford can't summon that many. Multiply that number by those listening to Rense and Wilcock for simplicity's sake x3,that nearly 10 million. Which is a lot of conscious pshycic energy not to mention those that are out on myspace. I doubt even the masters of the Golden Dawn Illuminati could withstand that.
Pressumably all that needs to be done is for everyone on this and other sites to conciousley focus thier positive intent to a specific period in history (not sure which one) to clear the negativity that was present at that time. Much like, the 'firing the grid' meditation except that this has the purpose of addressessing a specific time date and place within our collective history.
I do not know what the likely outcome of this would be and it would certainly not be my intent to wish harm to anyone past or present, the illuminati families may still exist "as families" even bankers perhaps, however i'd wager that the situations we find our selves in now, whenever that 'now' moment is, would change albeit subtely.
Taking it a step further and thinking this as a Holistic medical intevention, one would prescribe, in the case of flower remedies 4 drop 4 times a day for a month. Herbaly take 5mls 3 times a day for a month... why not the same with affecting the past. The 'Roswell Greys' tried the same thing ish, except they had to travel thousands of years back in time and could only do it once. We wouldn't have to go anywhere and even elliminate the need for them to have come back in the first place!
This can be done. It is unclear how many people it would take. It is unclear what day and time would be the most advantageous. This fits in with the 100th Monkey Technique. Through conscious intent we can change many things. If you have an idea of what you want to focus our positive energy on, then you name the place and time and we will run an experiment in time and space to see it manifest?
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