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Default Re: Another Reason Why We'll WIN

Originally Posted by QUESTINY View Post
We need to decide on a few things first.
1. What do we want to manifest? This must have a positive intent.
2. Who will be involved in the experiment? How many people.
3. What time of the day or night? Depending on who participates, we can get a better understanding of a time to run the experiment with time zones.
4. I believe we need to focus on a future time so that we can see it manifest.
5. How we proceed with the united conscious energy.

What are your thoughts?
A few thought from me:

maybe to expose the Illuminati in a furture time? How this would be done not sure, maybe for non knowing people to look for them? or to concentrate our energy on one famous high member to come clean and expose them?

To have as many people as possibe focusing on one thought like "come clean" and on that person at one particular time or something along those lines.

Or on another topic?

I am from Uk so that is my time zone.
If every one who wants to take part states their time zone we can work out the best time to do it?
And thoughts on what we could focus on? subject, a time in the future?

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