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Default Re: The Great Gathering Together 'Truth' Circles

Originally Posted by justpeter View Post
I'm 58, and don't need glasses. Haven't seen a doctor for over 30 years either. Ok, I'll put my ego back in its box now
Interesting. I felt last night that Susan's eyesight is hit by the bad energies. I have the same / similar bad energies tracking me 24/7 and doing very naughty things to my nervous system, health, eyesight, etc. It's been constant for nearly ten years. And I completely agree with Susan these energies are bugging us to try and stop us. I'm 57, and my eyesight suddenly went off in 2003, when I was collapsing from the strength of the attack. I've held off getting glasses because I think what has happened to my eyes is in some respects artificial. I keep getting the feeling I could substantially heal a lot of things very quickly when the attack stops. Right now, I try and use the attack as an encouragement. I try and figure out: What do I have which they are trying to stop me using or distributing? So I keep trying to tell it like I think it is.
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