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Default Re: The Great Gathering Together 'Truth' Circles

the powers of the archetype
- grandfather/grandmother
is in truth,
the divine masculine/the divine feminine
it is a part of all of us

we are all on the road,
of returning to 'elder'
and, to be, grandfathers/and, grandfathers
and, to eXchange, or, to share our rafts of knowledge

everyone - absolutely everyone - is a divine eXpression

for too long, in this world
have 'elders' held dominace,
over others,
and, those, who may have birthed to 'elder' positions,
are NOT the real elders,
for, just being born, of a family,
does NOT make a man, a real man
or, a woman, a real woman

it is time, in this world,
to topple all the chairs
and, to learn,
how it is,
to stand together
as, one

the being of KulKul of Kan clan,
is my essence twin from c1e1
just as, we are, CulCul of Can clan, from the future
(hard, we know, for some people to grasp)
it is similiar, to DA/ and, Bashar
(only difference is, that, we blended it)
to make us, complete & whole, or, whole & complete

EVERYONE on earth,
is a part of a similiar/or same soul family,
we know, we are a part of its energy, its light

There are others,
who carry these same types of energies,
for it, truly is a part,
of each / and, every 'divine' blue print
although, what is home to one,
may NOT be, the same home to another

We have done, a lot of work,
honing our abilities, in ways, in which,
we are able, to empty ourselves,
to allow, the higher density eXpressions,
of our own soul family, to come into us,
through 7th density - higher self
8th density - essence
and, 9th density - monad
this is, an option, for all

if we all, are part of a greater all in all

this is, how it is, that, all will evolve
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