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Default Re: Concerns Members Have About Enforcement of Forum Rules

Originally Posted by Seashore View Post
This thread is an off-shoot of the thread "Cliff High view on Bill Ryans accusations."

I am starting this thread because I sense strong feelings that evidently have been building up over time concerning actions taken by members in authority positions that need to be aired - in an attempt to rectify what may need to be rectified.

I'm going to say something radical. I'm beginning to wonder whether we would be better off without moderators. Just let members handle issues of rudeness themselves.

Functions such as moving threads, changing the titles of threads, and removing pornography could be handled by someone, but rudeness we could handle ourselves.

On the issue of trolls, we could all agree to ignore them.

Maybe this is a dumb idea. But let's have a discussion.
Thank you Seashore for bringing this up, perhaps members can air their frustrations here about whats been going on.

I would disagree on ignoring the trolls, it simply doesn't has been tried. Reminds me of the school bully in the playground beating up some kid. Unless the teacher steps in and removes the bully, the bullying will continue. As you have seen here, the trolls have many alias and many strategies to engage unsuspecting members. imo the mods need to stop the troll before he becomes a full blown problem.
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