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Default Re: Has anyone actually seen a PLEIADIAN

Originally Posted by Gnosis5 View Post
Hi, Dominic, no I have never seen in person a Pleiadian. I have seen a couple of different groups of tall slender white beings who had a lot of technology at their disposal. It seems my contacts currently are my future self, a Maittreya being, and what appears to be someone on one of the Galactic Federation ships.

This is all from personal, subjective, what some might say, above 3d perspective.

This forum can be a hard place for people who are aware only of 3D realities and you will get some posters who just cannot handle it. I recall the days when I was a quite zealous and dogmatic Christian and my world was the Bible and everything else was whatever the Bible said it was, or however I interpreted the Bible or how it was interpreted to me.

It was a safe self-designed crib or playpen until I was ready for the next step of character development and truths, for example the truth about holding onto pictures of past or other existences. The truth about time being also non-linear and an artificial construct.

I still retain some jewels from the Bible, but have the freedom to accept or reject the "Word of God".

May you connect up with the Pleiadians and find that they are just as nice or nicer than you imagined.
yes those days of being a born again, spirit filled, charismatic, baptized, speaking in tongues holy roller and thumping everyone on the head that was near.

Glad those days are long gone. Now that was some heavy brainwashing, best i've seen yet. And one of the most deceptive, conniving, mental prisons ever foisted on humanity thus far. But it also lets you see who the handlers are afterwards.
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