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Default Re: Free speech versus hate speech

Originally Posted by sjkted View Post
If we say that the Illuminati families are descended from the Reptilians, does that constitute hate speech? Is that a racial slur? Do I need to be locked up or silenced now?

Thats a good question.
In my opinion
If something is a fact rather than just emotionalism in expression then a person should always be free to express the facts and let people make up their own minds.
I think the present laws are sufficient. If something is defamation of character for example one can sue.
If some one is inciting a racial riot Klu Klux style then again the law can take care of it.
However a forum is owned by some one, its their house so to peak, so they are entitled to set their rules whether you agree or not, thats a free society.
There are anti social laws too, so really I think everything is adequately covered.

Regards Chris
Ps we are all reptilian, in that part of the human brain is clearly evolved from reptilian brain and that is a medical fact.
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