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Default A Little Bit on Spirituality

Spiritual growth and the rescuing of the human species do not occur from a higher intelligence saving us from our own destructive habits. For nothing would then be experienced by the humans for spiritual progress to occur. The same narcissist behaviors would eventually resume, only finding us once again looking for an external savior for salvation. This is the suppressing ideological construct of victim-hood raising its forlorn head once again. That must be a thought process that requires transcendence if ever we are ever to release the human condition from its looping noose.

Spirituality at this point in galactic cycles is an inner, personal experience, and must be acknowledged as such. In other words, you alone are responsible for inner growth and enlightenment. Spiritual realization and growth will not, cannot, take place if you are waiting for an external source to make the change for you, although in all likelihood it will precipitate the change. Expanded awareness and the higher manifestations of spiritual shift in the conscious mind begins from personal experiences and an acknowledgement that we are all one unified glorious creation contained, and integral to, our environment as a vast living organism in an energetic myopic soup.

First, you must consider the possibility, in regard to something being infinite and multi-dimensional. There are an infinite number of dimensions, though only a small number are available to us. There is no road map, so you will get different answers from different religious traditions on what and who resides in what dimensions or densities. ‘Infinite’ is a concept that is extremely difficult for the human mind to attempt to comprehend, and, in fact, can never truly be comprehended by any human mind. So you end up relying on the usage of analogies and archetypes and metaphors to construct some type of resemblance to the unattainable abstract concept that you are attempting to fathom and/or express. This is a symbolic use of language, for there are far more to an analogical thought than simply the definition of the words. This is true when attempting to explain spiritual experiences as well and is usually grossly misinterpreted by those seeking who have not yet any particular awakened experiences to give them a background or a foundation to base esoteric thought patterns in the proper context that the master or teacher is presenting. Much less a keystone to lock those patterns into place!
I must state at this point that much of this is changing rapidly in the face of accelerating dynamics surging us towards higher energetic vibrational levels of our solar system as we near galactic alignment. Manifestations of impossible experiences - whether dream related, trance induced, meditated altered states, or through external stimuli supplied by extraterrestrials, angels, spirit guides, etc., or maybe even the simple visual repercussions of witnessing first hand (by sight only) the entities and/or phenomenas mentioned – produces an immediate background construct that what we once thought was impossible.

In the past it was something that had to be worked on for a lifetime, or lifetimes. The construct of something impossible has now been presented to our normal, everyday consciousness as an unmistakable reality. This is the coming into awareness that precedes and stimulates the awakening. It is the necessary stimulation of the present-day human psyche triggering an overwhelming need to search for the answer of what has just been experienced or witnessed. This stimulation is a driving force, it is the opening of universal awareness that drives a wedge into the present day understood paradigm, and initiates the cracking, and eventual transcendence, of its outdated modality. And the earnest seeking… begins. Now, as impossible manifestations are glimpsed by those open enough to trust in the experience are being realized on a mass scale, the old paradigm of Master/Apprentice and Teacher/Student begins crumbling - as each is giving to the other, as much as the other is giving to them - into the myths of antiquity. This creates an exponential growth pattern that reverberates across genres, genders, governmental structures, religious dogma and doctrines, esoteric thought patterns, sciences and finally manifests as the advancing new paradigm.

The entire world is now going through this awareness to awakening process. And we, including the Earth herself, have to absorb this process and begin transformation at an accelerating pace due to the exponential law-types presented earlier. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Law of Complexity/Consciousness, Vernor Vinge’s Technological Singularity, Ray Kurzweil’s Law of Accelerating Returns, and Terrence McKenna’s Novelty Theory not only are applied to their relative areas of research, but can also be applied to spiritual advancement, the increasing numbers of awakened individuals, as well as Ecological Collapse normally referred to as the Tipping Point theory. These are all unifying concepts that are recognizable due to the nearness of the approaching Singularity of human Complexity/Consciousness. We can easily visualize and perform the proper arithmetic presented in these laws since global events and occurrences of massive change are now taking place in the space of a single lifetime.

The channeled material of Carla Rueckert by a group consciousness entity of the sixth density who calls itself Ra also has mentioned this exponential pattern of life that we are now witnessing.

We are those who are of the Law of One, of Unity. In our vibration the polarities are harmonized; the paradoxes have a solution. We are one. We have walked your planet and seen the faces of your peoples.
- Don Elkins, Carla Rueckert, James Allen McCarty
– “The Ra Material”, 1981

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