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Default Re: Crystal childs Daniel Gallucci's blog (His experience )

Great sharing, mu2413. Your experiences sound very similar to what others experience when they astral project. And since everybody astral projects every night but probably doesn't remember what happened while their body was sleeping, your blogs are very informative. When we astral travel, we also keep encountering various beings who are aliens. I like the way your blogs give the reader an accurate sense of what many aliens are really like.

I liked the sixth one, because it provided at least a hint of what sorts of things the people in all the starships currently assembled above the planet are actually doing. So different from the paranoid and totally false disinfo that keeps getting repeated about how they are getting ready to "attack" the human race.

One point where I disagree with you is as follows. There is a huge difference between a person's guardian angel(s) and their guide(s). For most of 1980 (though never since), I used to go to a psychic development class run by a lady who was a rather traditional medium. One of the exercises we would do every week would be to identify who the guide or guides active in each member's life were for that week. Everybody else in the group used to have the same guides every week, and never more than two appearing. I used to have a different set of guides every week, and between three and seven of them. So I do have some knowledge of this area. Such guides are just personalities of dead humans, whereas guardian angels are upper sixth density beings who selflessly volunteer. Not the same thing at all. Several psychotherapists have told me that in some cases they have seen people become very traumatised and in huge psychological trouble through living their life according to what their "guide" said.
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