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Default Re: Earth Updates-2010

I stumbled onto this from February 3, 2010. Sorry, if this has been posted before.

Undersea Volcano Erupts, May Form New Island
National Geographic

Erupting from an undersea volcano some 745 miles south of Tokyo, smoke and ash rise roughly 30 stories into the air in this image captured by a Japan Coast Guard helicopter on February 3, 2010.

The helicopter's mother ship, Yashima, was on a routine patrol when the ***utoku-Okanoba volcano exploded. There had been no warning that an eruption was imminent, according to Keiji Doi, senior coordinator for seismic information at the Japan Meteorological Agency.

"Coast Guard vessels and aircraft are now collecting data in the area," Doi said, adding that other ships have been warned to keep their distance. "It is very dangerous to approach the area as it is impossible to predict further eruptions."

Couple of nice photos on the story link.
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