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Default Re: Wikipedia, "Resurrection", and the Coming Genocide

Originally Posted by 4Q529 View Post
Few people understand that the Doctrine of "resurrection" was taught by Isaiah, Daniel, Jesus and Mohammed as a Doctrine of 'Rebirth'.

Rather, the Pharisaical interpretation of the Doctrine of "resurrection"--for which Jesus was murdered for contradicting--is considered to be the only possible explanation of the Doctrine of "resurrection".

Thus, the Pharisaical-Zionist-Christo-Fascist editors of Wikipedia simply will not allow any discussion on the subject page of the minority view that the Doctrine of "resurrection" is, in fact, a Doctrine of 'Rebirth'.

And, for that reason, the Pharisaical-Zionist-Christo-Fascist editors of Wikipedia will be directly responsible for the coming genocide Prophesied in Daniel 12:1.

Are you saying that if people don't believe in reincarnation (rebirth?), then they necessarily will become victims of a "genocide...Prophesied in Daniel 12:1?" and, furthermore, that the "Pharisaical-Zionist-Christo-Fascist editors of Wikipedia will be directly responsible for the coming genocide?" Are your relating this belief to Jesus resurrection, i.e., to the idea that people who interpret the resurrection-event as an actual, historical occurrence (instead of interpreting it as an incarnational "re-birth") are somehow so wrong that they must "choose" to become genocide victims, to work-off the karma caused by their ..... what?!? ..... their [B]wrong thinking? ignorance? sin of poor discernment of the correct connotation of the word "resurrection" in their Scriptures?B ??!"

No offense or anything, but, if i'm understanding you right, that sounds a little "far-fetched" to me ..... a little "out there" ..... a little like it contradicts the character of the God I Am (and, since I Am He-She, i should know, right??? LOL) isn't She-He too just and merciful to allow everything to hang on this one detail???i believe i do understand its potential significance. Yet still ...... that just doesn't sound like the God i feel like I'm in relationship with. Maybe it's just the corrupt archetypes and flawed mind-set of those of us who are still backward enough to believe in the illusion of a monotheistic God, Who seems to have become a mutant creation of evil religious paradigms! or ..... maybe not. (no offense to your other threads on the forum, 4Q529, as i haven't read them yet. the titles of them, of course, make it fairly clear that you & I aren't exactly on the same track in our Scriptural exegisis. But hey -- we can still [I]love each other,right?!!

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