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Default Re: Alternative energy for your home

Hello, this might be a bit off topic as we have not yet completed our technology for home application, but I would like to share with you something we've been working on for about 8 years. I've received interest from most of the major oil companies in the USA, and several in other countries. We just were written about in the latest issue of:

I'm not sure if the newsletter is available on line at this time, as it just was released yesterday. However, there is a 2 page write up on the latest developments of the technology. Basically, it converts methane gas (whether from farms, landfills, gas flares, etc) into methanol liquid. As some of you may know, methanol is a chemical, but is used in making biodiesel, gasoline, DME and a host of other fuels. Our prototype plant is nearly completed.

You can learn more at gastechnodotcom website. We are not yet prepared to sell out to the majors, but we have been approached by several. With the CO2 reduction climate out there, it has been interesting as a CO2 reduction technology.

I've been reading/listening/watching things from Project Camelot over the past 6 months or so and although I admit to not believing many things, I do find some of the research very valuable in my own businesses.

Please keep in mind this is a modular chemical/fuels plant, and is not cheap to engineer and fabricate on small scales, but compared to those that control all the competitor technologies we have a bright future for those who understand the potential of methanol as a fuel source and chemical. I may not post often, but I'll be reading and listening to learn as much as I can.

May the Lord bless each of you. Please communicate with me on this site if you seek to have further private discussion.
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