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Default Re: Has anyone actually seen a PLEIADIAN

Originally Posted by Gnosis5 View Post
Yes, my higher self kept dropping me hints and I guess I should have followed the bread crumbs, but that is the problem when a cult is built on some awesome spiritual truths. Then one throws the baby out with the bathwater, which the ill-illumined ones also delight in seeing us do.

After I walked away from the cult influence of Chiristianity it took me awhile to go back and recover the jewels in especially the New Testament. Then I walked into the cult of Church of Scientology -- same mistake, just because there were some truths does not mean I have to fall in line with the regime aspects.

Boy, that "going to hell" message sure kept me in line -- in both cults

By the way, what was this "speaking in tongues"? I'm still wondering where that comes from?
Oh the speaking in tongues thingy!!! That is some 'gift' one receives when really into the 'immersion' of being born again, and a whole bunch of fellow christians will pray over you until you release yourself and start babbling in some unknown language. Then someone else in the group will be able to interpret what your unknown language is as you babble in an unknown language out loud. Crazy ****!!!!

I would venture to compare the gift of tongues with a spout of channeling! One cannot verify the source and there is always the depending on an outside 'voice' to do the bidding on your behalf.
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