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Thumbs up Re: CERN problems....thank our ET friends!!

Originally Posted by Olam View Post
done by our benevolent star friends that do not want this event to happen...they won't let us play God.

Good, because I dislike the recent project from CERN.

A few rich secret humans keep health secrets from everyone.
A few rich oil barons ruin the planet keeping basic vehicle propulsion technology from everyone.
A few rich company owners manufacture products to wear out quickly so we have to keep manufacturing shoes or car tires, etc, far sooner than normal.
The same mafia types are involved in rampant drug, sex, and weapons trade.

And I personaly know several corporation types that are just idiots.

If I was an advanced benevolent star being ...
I'd shut down CERN, disable ICBMs, and disable Nuke Power Plants, etc.
And keep waiting to see if peoples level of love and care evolves.

Besides, it may not even be "benevolent star friends",
it could even be the owners of black triangles
doing the re-abduction of abductees.
Taking proper care of this planet
with their technological and intellectual achievements.

A good olde upgraded scalar weapon would do miracles to a CERN Large Hadron Collider magnet.


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