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Default Re: CERN problems....thank our ET friends!!

Originally Posted by Olam View Post
So Im thinking this could of been done by our benevolent star friends that do not want this event to happen...they won't let us play God.
Anyways, thats great news as far as Im concerned.
I dont get all the negativity around CERN. It's great, it's learning. It's just expanding our awareness. "they won't let us play God".... everyone is god, you play it anyway...

There's nothing you can discover that can harm you. Discovery frees you. In my opinion they should try find out as much as possible, and they will even if people disagree.... when you stop looking you stop growing. Even if it was like 3 year olds trying to find out about electricity by sticking a fork in the socket, they'll learn quick Then they'll learn more.

I find it exciting.

Better than sitting around doing nothing, they are actively persuing expansion to the limits of their knowledge. It's GREAT!

I think as social consciousness we have had a lot of conditioning to not look and expand ourselves. Stay in your little box and judge everything around you, stay seperate, never learn, never progress, never change... but this is the cause of so much of the suffering inherent in society. The little box is f***ing miserable. I'd rather blow up than not change

Closing comment.. don't just inherently judge this as being 'bad' and cut off any possible growth, open your mind to the possibility that this can uncover grand new wisdom, exciting knowledge, which can lead to even grander realities and discoveries.

We should be supporting this!
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