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Default Re: Free speech versus hate speech

I can see your point but why use exagerations to make your point?

the students were ****** about a comment she said "muslims should not fly in planes, the should use flying carpets"

Students are a source of our collective consciousness..on BOTH sides of ANY issue

Their reaction should make us question and wonder WHY.

Whether you agree with the laws here or not... it is thought provoking and i felt an issue that should be INTELLIGENTLY debated..

Debates using insults are weak. I look for OPPOSING views...i LOVE to discuss the more "sensitive" issues with people who can present an opposing view to mine so i can LEARN something...when people attack other people to make a point...NO ONE HEARS ANYTHING EXCEPT THE INSULTS...

This is not only a topical theme for PA but for all IMO

Originally Posted by bigmo View Post
I was amazed to watch the childishness of the college students in Canada protesting Ms. Coulters supposedly 'hate speech' before she even said a word. It is almost like watching the way possessed people react as a exorcist approaches; head spinning around, yelling and screaming, frothing at the mouth.

It reminded me exactly of what occurred here at Avalon which, in the defense of Avalon, didn't occur until 'after' someone said something TPTB didn't like.

Well Canada is taking a new course. Yes we have severe problems here in the USA but Canada, yes oh Canada, will shut you down BEFORE you have a chance to say it - welcome tyranny.

I'll have to cancel my moose hunting trip to Ontario.

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