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Default Re: Free speech versus hate speech

Surely we should be able to make our own minds up which way we want to go... If someone wants to start spouting that sort of thing then we will reap all that it brings... If we teach love and understanding thats what we get... If only life was so simple..

Example: In previous lives I was a complete ar*se-hole doing all sorts of stuff raking up my karma. I then die, my next life I want to change, start loving and teaching all that is good.... But for the hell of me I cant reason why I am having such a bad time of it... Is life this simple, I wonder..

If you start taking free speech from someone, maybe yours might get taken... Im not for one second saying that we should sit by and let people say all sort of sh't without telling them they are wrong, far from it but if there voice is taken how can we fight them in the open. There opinions will not change... Or are people simply too stupid to make up their own minds... Which is exactly what the elites think of us... We are all sheep and people shouldn't or cant make up their own minds..

I say give them a platform and then rip them down with love and logic but never take their platform as we will not be able to see who or where they are to find them.
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