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Default Re: Free speech versus hate speech

Originally Posted by greybeard View Post
Thats a good question.
In my opinion
If something is a fact rather than just emotionalism in expression then a person should always be free to express the facts and let people make up their own minds.
I think the present laws are sufficient. If something is defamation of character for example one can sue.
If some one is inciting a racial riot Klu Klux style then again the law can take care of it.
However a forum is owned by some one, its their house so to peak, so they are entitled to set their rules whether you agree or not, thats a free society.
There are anti social laws too, so really I think everything is adequately covered.

Regards Chris
Ps we are all reptilian, in that part of the human brain is clearly evolved from reptilian brain and that is a medical fact.
So, basically you are saying that if I am sure the Illuminati are descended from the Reptilians and that it is a fact I could prove in a court of law, I ought to be allowed to say it.

If it is just my opinion, theory, or emotional nature expressing itself, I should not be allowed to express it?

This reminds me of the holocaust official theory. Anyone who looks deeper and deeper into the details finds there is some big holes in the official story. Yes, people died and there were atrocities, but there are some big picture items that don't add up. It is illegal in much of Europe to question or theorize about alternative ideas as one might do in presenting a legal argument, so it will be impossible for the truth to come out into the mainstream.

This is exactly what happens when you censor anything other than death threats -- the truth becomes obfuscated and people get confused about reality and the younger generations get brainwashed because they don't know what is real. Generations later, the children are complete idiots because they don't know the reality of anything about anything or even how to find out. Welcome to 2010!


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