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Originally Posted by doodah View Post
cray1532 -- so many of us here know for a fact that we are not from this planet and that nothing here has ever seemed right, except Nature, which works beautifully all by itself. We couldn't be "mainstreamed," we haven't been brainwashed, and we have looked with clear eyes at how twisted humanity is.

We have a chance now to transcend this place, and to perhaps do some good before we go. Some of the small communities will be tribal in nature; maybe you can make contact with people thinking along the same lines? If you can't change the big picture, at least build a small part of it that is good.

Have peace in your heart, no matter what happens.
I really can relate,but i finally realize that we have to build our spiritual arks to flow upon the sea of change. To resist change is to resist life.

The ancients teachings say they any resistance towards change is guranteed reincarnation of the soul.
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