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Default Re: Swine Flu Kills Obese People: Is U.S. Primed for a Pandemic Catastrophe?

Originally Posted by Sarahmay View Post
I wonder if "regular" flu has higher mortality rates for obese people...

I do believe that some of these designer viruses (like AIDS, SARS) are targeting certain genotypes, and I would not be surprised if they would target the obese. Because, as you can see by this thread, there is a lot of judgment and hatred shown for these individuals.
I'm not exactly skinny...SO I look at my posting as about myself included....and I see Tango as correct....If I put less food in my mouth....backed away from the keyboard and went for a walk....I wouldn't be this way. Tango is over the top but I see where he is coming from. How many obese people fall into that "this is genetics" category?

Not me......I think I'll go for a walk today

Thanks Tango
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