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Default Re: Swine Flu Kills Obese People: Is U.S. Primed for a Pandemic Catastrophe?

Originally Posted by Tango View Post

Xactly..... Than, add soda of alll kinds.... tooo that list...

Sorry, abt your thread PaL... But thanks for posting...

" If It's White; It's NOT Alright..." There are sooo many colors
to EAT. Your only talking abt taking One color away...


Blessings Tango,

Hey, if people want to loose weight that is all great advice.

Don't forget milk, cream and ice cream.

AND chewing the food until it is liquid before swallowing (including not putting another spoonful in the mouth until the last one is chewed). The brain will register its full sooner than if food is gobbled until the temple is gorged and over-stuffed. A person will easily loose weight just masticating it until its liquid and stopping when they are full.



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