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Default Unified Theory of Metaphysics

Over a couple weeks ago, I had a couple dreams that seemed to me to be past life dreams. It involved being a little boy someone in the Germanic region. Both involved a large military presence that induced a sense of fear. In the latter of the two, I played violin and felt like I was somewhat skilled at it.

It also occurred to me a couple days ago, that I actually played violin for the first time during the beginning of last October. My friend showed me the basics of it, being she was a virtuoso and going to school for her skills. I ended up spending twenty minutes playing it, figuring it out really fast. My friend ended up making me putting it down. As of this year, I've started to fall in love with music, in terms of making it, while before I was primarily a dancer.

Anyways, about five days ago, I was playing my little brother in chess for the first time [and I as shocked at how good he was, but alas, I still beat him]. I heard a documentary come on about Albert Einstein in the other room, and heard some discussion about his theory of relativity. I moved the chess board into the other room to watch the show while still playing chess.

In at least over a month if not more, I have watched less than a half hour of television which consisted only of various news programs. My attention span with television is next to nil, along with my disgust for what comes out of it. Anyways, this is the first program I have watched in almost its entirety for a rather long time.

Half way through the program, I thought to myself, "Heh, it would be funny if Einstein played violin." As the show ended, a scene popped up with a concluding statement and Einstein playing the violin, and then the credits began to role.

I literally jumped up out of my seat, and was just awe struck thinking life was playing a big joke on me.

I do not want to imply anything from this, or jump to conclusions. However, I considered this a sign to write what I have been meaning to write for the past couple weeks as it has been heavily on my mind. I am picking up where he left off.

I even told Michael (Arcora) exactly a week ago I was planning on putting this together, my piece on universal truths, to go up on AstroVera.

Anyways, here it is, all eight pages in either PDF or DOC for you to check out. It is only the initial rough draft and I haven't reread through it yet. I started it also an hour before Thanksgiving dinner. I thought that was an interesting side note. Enjoy!

Unified Theory of Metaphysics

PDF Version - 94.2 KB

DOC Version - 135 KB

Here is the official discussion for this treatise, as I will post all redrafts and the final version there, along with any of my other work.

Also, as some of you may of seen my posts earlier this week, I am no longer going to participate for the most part in Avalon discussions for a various amount of reasons. I will continue to participate in my own threads and that of Flying Pyramids, along with any others that may manifest of a productive nature. I have been also dedicating my time more to the outside world than the forums and the Internet. There is much that needs to be done beside bickering and waiting.

"To know, and not to do, is not to know."

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