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Default Re: You are being lied to: The Disinformation Guide

Originally Posted by Shechaiyah View Post
After examining (and un-processing) 3000 NASA Mars & Moon Photos; Rover, Lander, Spirit and fly-bys, I will testify to the fact that--

Everything NASA publishes about Mars and the Moon is wrong. Every word.

Not just, a little bit wrong. ALL wrong. En toto. It's all made-up fables.
Do you have any photos that are previously unreleased that you can share to attest to that? It's not that I don't believe it, I just like most others here would just love to see more evidence. I'm sure many of us here follow Richard Hoagland enough to see some "interesting" things on the moon & mars. But I've always wondered how much we haven't seen if we're getting the far-off-blurred-out "sanitized" versions. That might be wishful thinking, but I know the idea of ruins on the moon & mars intrigues me to no end. The story all of that stuff must tell has to be down right amazing.
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