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Default Re: You are being lied to: The Disinformation Guide

Your concern is understandable.

I have hundreds of un-processed photos out of 3000 intact NASA photos.

Seven directories of them, okay?

I've been sending data back to NASA/JPL since May; and the only response I've received is from Ray Patten at NASA HQ Security, who conceded, yes, they have seen the evidence of embedded messages, pornographic torture and stuff like that. That's all he would say about it.

I'm not putting those up, for obvious reasons; they're sickening. So, I have to pour through the ones I have that aren't too bad, that actually convey some information; that display life on Mars in an honorable way, because it's clear to me, the people there who stand in protest of what the Rover has done and is doing, are doing so out of a peaceful and silent protest.

My practical problem here is, the size of the photos. Some of the more interesting ones are bedsheet size: eight pages wide by three or four pages long. If I put them in my album, notated and highlighted but only 600 pixels wide, the notes and highlights will only be visible under a microscope.

So, I've been putting up the smaller ones in my album, and I have to figure out how to display the larger ones here; or maybe refer people here back to my own server pages.

Some of the photos, interpretable in the photo program, cannot be displayed in a browser because they lose their resolution. Other lose their color, or contrast. So, I'm struggling with what to do.

If you're a photographic expert and you have some advice, I'd love to hear from you.

: ) Shech--
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