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Default Re: Spirituality on Earth?

Hello Alkhemist. I will give you quick answers, I am short on time right now. So I will use a bullet point approach that follows the order of your questions.

1- Cellular consciousness is a science. In a single cell exists the science necessary for the construction of evolution models that overlap the planes of creation. A cell is not just a material object, it has ramifications in other planes. Those planes are constituted by sub-material level of energies, levels from which the material laws, in other words atomic consciousness, are derived,

2- The information comes from the hierarchy that is the origin of the human spirit.

3- Interesting that you would say it this way. The ego is the connection between the spirit and the soul. The tension between the ego and the soul is the tension between consciousness and the life plan. The soul, when it is contemplating in the world of the dead is studying a life plan that is to be enacted during incarnation. The ego is left to support the plan in the experience without any memory or explanation of the purpose of the plan. Being kept in ignorance, he constantly seeks to work around the oppositions that the plan incorporates, forcing him to mentalize his energy. The less emotions come and interfere in the mental process, the more efficient the process of increasing the vibratory rate. The vibratory rate is the level of access that an intelligence has to what he knows at his source. The mental body is the result from the integration of the energy of the experience when the ego is made aware of the necessity to fulfill the life plan that has for purpuse the elimination of faults in the model. These faults are made obvious through the oppositions programmed for the life time during incarnation. This is the reality behind karma, and it has nothing to do with Eastern representations of karmic laws that propose a polarized view of good and evil.

4- I personnally have a problem with the term individualization because it stinks of ego-=centrism. We could you the term individuation instead, if you don't mind. The personalization of the spirit energy is equivalent to it becoming aware through the impressions of the form during the experience. The force behind the individual consciousness wants to fuse with the mortal.

The dark forces oppose this process. They would blow this world up if necessary to prevent it from happening.

5- The spirit is life energy while the soul is almost totally made of memory.

6- Lucifer is an intelligence of the scope of what we could call a sphere. A sphere is a universe in itself that contains the organized hierarchies that are set up to task in line with the will of the origin of the intelligence in question.

7- Time was created so that there could be evolution. Without time there would be no evolution. Intelligences would be trapped within the scope of their perfection.

8- Souls are immortal but not eternal. What does immortal means to you?

The soul is a vehicle for energy. The only thing that has permanence is consciousness. The soul is limited in its ability to move accross planes, limiting personification to the material realm and the astral sub material plane.

9- Death is a new, local, reality that was especially made to trap the spirit of man within matter and efficiently cut it off from its origin.

Luciferian is not simply an influence. It has a cosmic function. Evil needs to be re-defined from outside the polarity of good and evil that has tainted man's psychology since his infusion.

Hope this helps clarify a bit.
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