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Default my thoughts on merkabbah (tetra ) meditation

I pretty much summarized my thoughts on the astral hygiene issues associated with tetra visualization (merkabbah) meditations - at:

I would add, as you note- the physics governs why the right hand screw rule in electrical engineering- governs the more centrepedal requirement
for biology ( implosion / explosion

for the same reason the south magnetic pole (centripedal) speeds healing by increasing pain / focus/ centripedal force..
(north reduces pain AND healing rate.. centrifugal..

this is called the quintessential ennantiomorphism of all living proteins..
the reason a purely tetra (cubic) visualization eventually is a magnet for (astral and other) parasites- is you have no golden ratio implosion til you visualize the 32 degree cube tilt into - and producing dodeca..
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