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Default fractal model of solar max..

appreciate your sustained interest

you knew how strongly I felt that the solar physics implied by mayan
resolves to how only fractality in time self organizes:

the proof ( for hydrogen / solar year and venus year:
sun gazing makes a great deal of sense to me - with the physics of charge absorption from
the very fractal solar spectra.. etc.. of course hygiene issues apply (best times.. sunset/sunrise
avoid polluting skies of urban absorption .. etc. etc.) this light is food..
my comments on why 9 domain self organize:
many sub links there as well
I am working to add more detail to our project on solar physics
for example- the carrington event predictions

more soon
re - those spots on the solar images- generally I think NASA has been right there is too much noise in the way those images are generated to ascribe much detail to which ET spacecraft is there... none the less-

shamanic reports are generally consistent that a major line of ET's monitor our Sun for the immanent - major burp (solar storm 2000 cancelled means solar storm 2011 WILL be life threatening)..

so much depends on the angle of the magnetopause (lens effect of the 3 heaviest planet) directing the carrington effect EMF pulse when it comes...

very likely at a minimum it will take MANY months for power companies to rebuilt THAT many fried transformers..

(since they don't understand how fractality in utility grid distribution harmonics could eliminate heat during compression..

on the tech side- new intro:
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