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Default Re: Dan Winter Q & A- update mar 2010

hi.. from dan winter
our latest updates:

Blockbuster Physics Summary:Overwhelming Evidence: Golden Ratio Fractal Phase Conjugation causes Gravity, Perception, Color, Life, Time: All Centripedal Forces. PLUS:Best FILM SERIES EVER-Aussie10Reviewed, PLUS -ElNaschie GOLDEN QUANTUM FIELD THEORY - PLUS:NewRelease THEIMPLODER-Ready for YOU to Try..
all at

new 2010 -our calendar across Europe!
also new
HOW the Monsanto Mistake GMO Corn killed the bees..

also new -interview with whaledreamer
updated today: major new section angel alphabets- as vortex pair conjugate-how plasma bodies become angel bodies

re: the question on vasoconstriction vs dilation- becoming
conscious- excellent practice- 'order of the red hand' is vaso dilated..
unpacked- useful for fractal enviornments where centripedal plasma
is available to charge aura...
jellyfish by choosing when to suck - chooses navigation..
just like your plasma does during dreaming and death..
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