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Default Re: DFH were right!!!

wow awesome!!! Thanks Steve!!!!

LOL at the Tune blastin Moms n Grandmas!! that rocks!! haha

also.. Ive been hearing the term dirty effin hippies... for a long time...

Im only 28,
But ive been hearing it for at least 10 years.. maybe more. lol

matter of fact...

the jocks in our HS used to call us DFH often!! hahahaha :P

then, the funniest thing was...

They were all "cool" for playing sports and being tools....

and we were DFH cuz we would go down the hill at lunch and break out the ganja!

anywho..... couple years later.
the very same jocks who talked **** forever...

started smokin the ganja too!!
and asking us for help in acquiring it!!
HAHAHA, Imagine that you turds!!! lol
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