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Default Galactic Federation of Light Conference Call Details For 9/27/08

Galactic Federation of Light Phone Conference Calls

Next GFOL Phone Conference Call:

Date: Saturday, September 27th 2008

Time: 7:00 PM EST (New York, USA)

Commander Adama is a representative of the Galactic Federation of Light. He has telepathic and physical/light body interactions with ET beings of the Galactic Federation of Light and the Ashtar Command. He attends a meeting once a week aboard a GFOL mothership with the First Contact Liaison Teams where he learns new information he can tell to the public. His newly formed conference calls will occur on a weekly basis every Saturday. During these conference calls new updated information will be disbursed about the Galactic Federation of Light, Ashtar Command, and their First Contact mission. Trance channeling conversations will also take place where some of Commander Adama’s ET contacts will educate those who listen through a variety of topics. They will also go over “behind the scenes” information about what is happening on Planet Earth. Those who attend can expect a fully interactional conference call where questions can be asked. If you are interested in attending a conference call please go to to find out more information on how to attend.

Commander Adama will also be the host of a newly formed internet radio show entitled “Galactic Affairs: Galactic Federation of Light Radio.” Details on when the first show will be and how you can listen will be posted on as soon as the information becomes available.

If you wish to spread this message it would be greatly appreciated so others can learn about this.


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